Bent, But Not Broken

EPSON DSC picture
EPSON DSC picture

Dear Friend,

You are on my mind today. Honestly, that is nothing new. You’re on my mind a lot. But today is different. Today I am stuck on something you said recently in a text, and I cannot move past it until I address it with you.

You made mention that you need some time to work on you and “fix” you. I believe we all need that time to pause and work on ourselves, and I commend you highly for not wanting to become stagnant and stay where you are. It was the word “fix” that trapped my mind and wouldn’t let me move past it. You see, in my mind, in order for something to need to be fixed, it has to be broken.   So in case you’re feeling like you are broken, I want to show you what it is I see in you.

Many times in Martial Arts we turn to the story of the oak tree and the bamboo… how an oak tree can stand tall and strong, but when the winds come it can be broken; whereas, the bamboo, while smaller in stature, is flexible and can withstand even the strongest of winds. However, this time, I’m seeing you as more of a bridge. Let me explain.

Bridges are amazing structures. They are built to withstand massive amounts of weight. The architects that build bridges take everything into account; weather, weight limits, and even ground shift and sway. They intricately construct these bridges, paying  attention to even the smallest of details, so they know exactly what they can handle.

You, my friend, are one seriously amazing bridge. You are being asked to carry so much weight right now, and it seems to keep piling up from both sides. But what I see is that, even though you may bend and buckle from the weight of things, you are flexible and strong like bamboo, and you will not break!

I also see that you have an amazing set of pillars under you. Your best friends are as incredible and strong as you are, and they are right there with you, lifting you up and supporting you as you’re going through this. They will help you carry the load when you feel like you can’t anymore.  I want you to know I’m here, too… and I’m not going anywhere.

Rest assured; You may bend under the pressure, but you will NEVER break. You have an awesome support system that will make sure of that. 🙂




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