Welcome to the REAL me!!! I’m so excited to meet you!!! This blog has been in the making for the past 40 years, however, this is the first time it has actually escaped the cluttered closets of my brain and landed on the page. Not because I’m a procrastinator or lazy, but because I’ve spent the past four decades being paralyzed by an invisible choke chain called Oppression.

Not any more. I’m too tired. I can’t keep up with the charade, and I’m ready to break free. It’s time for me to start living the life I was created for.

“Just put the cup down, and step away from the kool-aid….”

After 40 years of living someone else’s life, I’m having to sort thru what is REAL and what is FAKE. After so many years, it can be hard to distinguish the truth from a lie, so I’m having to go back to the very beginning and sort thru all the dirty boxes of my past. So many emotions billow up like dust, causing my eyes to water and my lungs to collapse. But I have to do this. No matter how bad it hurts.

This blog will act as my sorting piles. It will help me see more clearly what I have to work with; what is my REALITY vs my MASK; what BELIEVE vs WHAT I WAS TAUGHTRELIGION, LOVE, & SEXUAL ORIENTATION; “SINNERS”  vs “SAINTS”; How CHRIST treated people as opposed to how the CHURCH treats people, etc.

Just pile after pile of sorting; figuring out what to hang on to and what to trash. And, hopefully, finding at least enough lost pieces of the puzzle to begin to piece together  the picture of the REAL me. 😊