Disguised Blessings

Sometimes, God protects us in the most frustrating of ways.…

My dryer went out at the beginning of summer, and I didn’t have the money to fix it. Thankfully, it was the right temperature outside, so I just decided to use the clothes line in the back yard. I actually learned to really love it. The nostalgia… the breeze…the being outside. But there were things I didn’t like drying on the line, like towels. They just aren’t as soft as they are in the dryer.

When winter came around it made things hard because my clothes seemed to take forever to get dry. So, I figured it was time. Me and my son were going to try to fix it, but the more we talked about it, the more we decided to call someone else because we weren’t comfortable fixing a gas component. I mean, blowing up the house just didn’t seem like a risk we wanted to take. 😜

When the dryer guy came out today, his diagnoses made me glad we didn’t try to fix it ourselves. He said he had never seen this particular part go out on an LG. He was so baffled. But then he said something else that made my stomach drop.

He said he couldn’t leave without telling me what a perfect storm I had in my laundry room. He pointed out a few electrical hazards that were super easy fixes, but had we fixed the dryer, we would have completely missed them. He pointed out the fact of a hot wire laying against the gas valve, and had the dryer been working and I used it and the window a/c at the same time, the energy used would’ve been too much and it could’ve sparked the whole thing.

Needless to say, I’m SO GLAD my dryer went out and I couldn’t use it this summer. Losing my home would have cost me way more, and losing one or both of my children would have ended me.

Yeah. God protects us in ways we don’t realize are blessings in disguise.

To make it even sweeter… God paid the bill for me. Lol… my work decided THIS YEAR to pay those who were normally scheduled on a holiday holiday pay. I didn’t know they were gonna do that. But it paid the bill and then some.

Yeah. God is good. ❤️ Thank You, for protecting me and my family, and Thank You for crashing my dryer. 😜🥰

Love you much… ❤️

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