Sometimes, You Just Gotta Laugh…


Today, I was cleaning a friend’s apartment, and when I was finished, I grabbed the trash and headed out. When I got to the lobby, I was staring at the rain through the glass door, and an older gentleman said to me, “Is that just trash?” “Yes”, I replied. He said, “There’s a door all the way at the end of the building. It opens right next to the dumpster.”
What???? All this time…How did I NOT know this??? Lol… so I headed down the long hallway, kinda laughing to myself. This is sooooo much better!!!
I opened the door and he was right. The door is RIGHT ACROSS from the dumpster. YAY ME!!! It was pouring…and I mean POURING outside, so the plan was to run as fast as I can to the dumpster, toss in the trash, and come straight back. Easy peasy.
I ran hard, and unfortunately, the parking lot was flooded, so I was pretty much wadding as I ran. I reached the dumpster, threw in the trash, and headed back as quickly as I could. Mind you, I’m already soaked to the bone, I don’t really know WHAT running was going to do for me at that point!
I ran back to the door, and guess what the kind gentleman FORGOT to tell me??? 😳 Yep, you guessed it!!! It locks itself when you close it. So here I am, standing in the torrential downpour…with my wallet and my phone, and I have to go all the way back around the apartment complex. SERIOUSLY?!?!
I realize by this time that I can’t get any more wet, so I just walk back around and go to my car.
Yeah. A River Runs Through It. Water up to my calves. Thankfully, I’m still laughing inside.  This is the sort of thing that makes me LOVE people!
I fight to get into my car. Once in, I laugh again. I am DRENCHED… head to toe.
I turn on my car, and a thought comes to my mind.
I left my umbrella upstairs….😳
Yeah. Enjoy it.
Love You Much…❤️

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